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We Need To Find Each Other

Brian Ca & Douglas Becker

What happens if I forget to remember ?

How to understand a past I have not lived ? 


For this creation, Brian CA & Douglas Becker orient their research around the themes of memory and identity. They have invited Danish composer Mike Sheridan, who is re-creating his first album I Syv Sind, 20 years after its first release. 

Through a hybrid and intergenerational performance, drawing on our collective archives, the protagonists seek to create a sensorial dialogue, not only between them, but also with the audience placed in 360° around the stage. In this performative space, a body, that of Douglas, 67 years old, lies on a dissection table as the audience enters. He asks himself : "What happens if I forget to remember ? How can I understand a past I did not live ? What am I doing here ?"

What if forgetting one's past, questioning one’s identity, one’s gender or one’s memory allows for new perspectives to emerge ? Could we open up possibilities for re-imagining? What are the common questions that will lead us to think more expansively about our expectations and our embodied history? How can we work together to imagine new, non-hierarchical ways of exchanging information that will enable us to co-exist in a more meaningful way?



Concept, choreography Brian CA & Douglas Becker 

Music Mike Sheridan

Assistant Piera Jovic

Costume Rachel Quarmby

Performance Brian CA & Douglas Becker 

Co-produced by KULTURFABRIK, Esch-sur-Alzette, LU


With the financial support of Ministère de la Culture du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg ; and Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

With the support of Trois C-L - Maison pour la Danse, Laboratoire Chorégraphique de Reims, Cie LA BARAKA - La Chapelle, Dispositif Récif - Karukera Ballet, Site Pablo Picasso - Conservatoire de Martigues.


Photographs: Marco Pavone

Photograph: Nathan Ishar

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